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    FX true crime anthology Fargo returns Wednesday for its third season, and with it, we’ll get another badass female chief of police (Carrie Coon), a handful of scenes filmed inside quaint Midwestern diners, and all the comfort food those quaint Midwestern diners are known for. So let’s get ready for the premiere, yah? Here are four hearty Fargo-inspired recipes that’ll put you in the mood for all that violence, murder, and small-town malaise. Okay, then.

    The characters of Fargo suffer from extreme hubris from time to time, which makes them pretty inept at making good decisions. Bud's Meats butcher Ed Blumquist (Jesse Plemons) found himself in quite the pickle last season after conspiring with wife Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) to hide the remains of hit…

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