The timeline shows the chronological events in the Fargo universe.


Saturday, March 25
  • 22 Sioux Indians hanged in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Loplop)


Monday, February 6


Sunday, April 13


Unknown date


Unknown date


Unknown date
Tuesday, October 31


Unknown date


Unknown date
  • Hank helped with the clean-up in Germany near the end of WWII. During that time, he found a German captain who had hung himself in a bunker, with his face purple and eyes bugged out. (Before the Law)


Unknown date


Monday, May 2


Unknown date
Wednesday, November 22


Unknown date
  • Deiter Gerhardt is assassinated, having been shot in the head a total of 19 times. (The Myth of Sisyphus)
  • Some time after Deiter's assassination, Otto brings Dodd along to a meeting where he has Dodd kill Kellerman, the man responsible for the assassination. (Fear and Trembling)
Thursday, November 8


Thursday, September 28


Unknown date


Unknown date


Unknown date


Unknown date


Unknown date
  • Kitty Nygaard is born.
  • Lou was steering a Naval ship on the Bồ Đề River, Vietnam. One of his crewmates gets onto the deck for a smoke as he is shot through the cigar. Lou describes the look on the man's face as bafflement. (Before the Law)


Unknown date



1979 (Season 2)

Unknown date
Wednesday, March 21
Thursday, March 22
  • Ed, Peggy, and Dodd arrive at the cabin. (Loplop)
  • Ed tries multiple times to contact the Gerhardts. (Loplop)
Friday, March 23
Saturday, March 24
  • The Sioux Falls Massacre happens here, in the devil's hours (midnight to about 3 AM). (The Castle)
  • The meeting with Milligan was initially supposed to be at 8 AM.

1987 (Film)

Early January
Mid-to-Late January
  • The events of Fargo take place.


Unknown date
  • Lester Nygaard and Pearl Nygaard are married.
  • Yuri Gurka frames Jakob Ungerleider for the murder of Helga Albracht whilst living in East Berlin


Unknown date


Unknown date


Sunday, January 19



2006 (Season 1)

Wednesday, January 18
  • Phil McCormick is dragged out of his office cubicle into the parking lot by Lorne Malvo. He is stripped down to his underwear and put in the trunk of Lorne's car that he stole earlier. (A Muddy Road) The car is driven down the highway until later that night Lorne hits a deer and crashes. Phil manages to escape from the trunk and run into the woods, where he hides behind a tree for the rest of the night. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
Thursday, January 19
  • Lester and Pearl discuss their loud washing machine that is making noise in the basement over breakfast. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lester tries to sell insurance to an expecting couple and fails. Afterwards he runs into Sam Hess, who taunts him and causes him to run into a wall. At the hospital, he meets Lorne who came to get a head injury checked from last night. Lester unintentionally tells Lorne to kill Sam. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Molly and Vern find Lorne's car wreck, as well as Phil frozen to death sitting by a tree. Vern tells his wife about it later over dinner. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lorne visits Hess & Sons transport to get a good look at his target, Sam. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lester and Pearl visit Lester's brother and his family. Lester and Chaz get into a fight about Lester being weak, Lester punches Chaz and Pearl ridicules him for it on the way home. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lorne kills Sam at The Lucky Penny. Vern, Molly, and Bill investigate. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lorne stays at Lerory's Motor Inn, where he gets a worker to urinate in the clerk's car then reports him for it. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
Friday, January 20
  • At Lou's Coffee Shop, Molly makes a connection between Phil's death and the missing driver from the wreck. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Bruce Gold negotiates with Gina Hess about her husband's death. Lorne calls Mickey and tricks him into nearly killing his brother Moe. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lester finds out Sam died and confronts Lorne about it. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Molly takes Moe to the hospital and finds out the missing driver was there, and was talking to Lester about Sam. Vern volunteers to talk to him. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lester kills Pearl. He calls Lorne to come help him, and agrees to. Vern shows up to ask him about Lorne, sees Pearl dead and begings to arrest him. Lorne shows up and kills Vern, then disappears. Back-up forces arrive, and Lester knocks himself out to make him look like a victim. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Gus pulls Lorne over for reckless driving, Lorne manipulates him into letting him go. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
Saturday, January 21
  • Lester wakes up in the morning and notices a hand wound from the shotgun shell that killed Vern, a piece of the shell is still in it. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Lou and Molly prepare for an ice fishing trip, but Molly decides to postpone and head to work. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)
  • Numbers and Wrench meet with Bruce Gold to find out what happened to Sam, Bruce tells them to find the man who killed Sam. (The Rooster Prince)
  • A service is held for Pearl at Chaz's house, where Chaz offers Lester a spare room to stay in for a few days. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Molly, Bill, and the rest of the police department hold a service for Vern at Ida's house, and set up a schedule to help Ida through her pregnancy. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Bill and Molly visit Lester to ask him questions. Bill buys Lester's story, Molly doesn't. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Lorne arrives in Duluth to meet his next client Stavros, who wants him to stop someone from blackmailing him. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Gus continues to feel guilty about letting Lorne go. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Numbers and Wrench visit The Lucky Penny and kidnap Lenny, thinking he was the killer. Turns out he isn't. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Lorne visits the Milos residence to talk with Helena and the trainer. He later makes a connection that the trainer is the blackmailer. Stravos's bodyguard Wally tells him to drop the case. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Bill tells Molly to leave Lester alone. She doesn't, as she questions him at the drug store. (The Rooster Prince)
Sunday, January 22
  • Bill takes Molly off the case for disobeying him and "harassing" Lester. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Numbers and Wrench drop Lenny in an ice hole. (The Rooster Prince)
  • Molly drives over to Saint Paul to investigate the frozen man, where she gets camera footage of Lorne dragging him away. (A Muddy Road)
  • Lorne exposes Don as the blackmailer, and takes over the blackmail. (A Muddy Road)
  • Gus confesses to Ben Schmidt that he let Lorne go and is assigned to find Lorne and call the Bemidji PD to tell him it was his fault. (A Muddy Road)
  • Lester returns the work and is asked by Bo to deliver files to Gina Hess. Gina tries to seduce Lester for the money, which Numbers and Wrench see. (A Muddy Road)
  • Lorne gets adderall from a drug dealer and switches it with Stavros's pills. He also kills his dog on his way there. (A Muddy Road)
Monday, January 23
  • Lorne suggests to Stavros that he move onto his property to "guard" him. (A Muddy Road)
  • Gus continues to look through files for Lorne Malvo, Greta suggests they to Bemidji and tell them about what happened in person. (A Muddy Road)
  • Molly brings Bill her leads, but is not happy to hear she talked to Lester the day after he told her not to do so. (A Muddy Road)
  • Gus and Greta visit Molly and they discuss the case, and later eat dinner at Lou's. (A Muddy Road)
  • Lester and Chaz fire off guns somewhere. (A Muddy Road)
Tuesday, January 24
  • Don inspects Stavros's plumbing and finds nothing, obviously being paid off by Lorne to say so in order to mess with Stavros. (Eating the Blame)
  • Gus finds and arrests Lorne, and brings him into custody. (Eating the Blame)
  • Bill goes over with the other police about a storm that will probably his Wednesday or Thursday night, and to be prepared for it. (Eating the Blame)
  • Gus calls Molly to tell her the news, but Bill volunteers to talk to Lorne before she can get a chance to leave. (Eating the Blame)
  • Lester and Chaz start moving stuff out of Lester's old house. (Eating the Blame)
  • Numbers and Wrench eat at Lou's and discuss kidnapping Lester to get information. (Eating the Blame)
  • Duluth PD interrogate "Frank Peterson". Schmidt says Lorne was pulled over Tuesday night, which is wrong. It was a Friday. Lorne is let go. (Eating the Blame)
  • Lester is kidnapped by Numbers and Wrench, and narrowly escapes. He gets himself arrested to get himself to safety. (Eating the Blame)
  • Phoenix Farms is infested with crickets, courtesy of Lorne and Don. (Eating the Blame)
  • Molly and Gus meet at Lou's to discuss the riddle Lorne gave Gus on his way out. (Eating the Blame)
  • Numbers and Wrench get into a bar fight in order to be put in jail with Lester. (Eating the Blame)
  • Numbers and Wrench get Lorne's name out of Lester, and are released from jail. (The Six Ungraspables)
  • Gus gets a visit from a neighbor, and is given advice on the Lorne situation. (The Six Ungraspables)
  • Stavros tells Lorne he no longer works for him, he must leave by tomorrow. (The Six Ungraspables)
  • Ida has her baby, and names her Benadette after Vern's mother. (The Six Ungraspables)
  • Lester is brought to the hospital to have the bullet piece removed from his hand. (The Six Ungraspables)
  • Lorne locks Don in the pantry. (The Six Ungraspables)
Wednesday, January 25
  • Don is let out the closet, only to be knocked out by Lorne and bounded with duct tape. (Buridan's Ass)
  • Molly and Gus team up to investigate the case in Duluth. (Buridan's Ass)
  • Chaz disowns Lester, and Lester frames Chaz in retaliation. (Buridan's Ass)
  • Don is shot to death by the Duluth PD. (Buridan's Ass)
  • During the blizzard, Numbers and Wrench try to kill Lorne. Lorne kills Numbers and gets "Fargo" out of him, Molly shoots Wrench, Gus accidentally shoots Molly. (Buridan's Ass)
  • Stavros buries the money where he found it twenty years ago. (Buridan's Ass)
  • Dmitri and Wally die in a car wreck. (Buridan's Ass)
Thursday, January 26
Friday, January 27
  • Allegedly the next day due to it being a day's drive from Reno to Fargo, Lorne kills the remaining members of the Fargo Mob, which Bill and Webb witness. (Who Shaves the Barber?)
  • Lester visits Gina in order to have sex with her as a way of getting back at Sam. (Who Shaves the Barber?)
  • Molly stops at the Bemidji PD to talk to someone, and finds out that Lester got away with the murders and framed Chaz. (Who Shaves the Barber?)


Saturday, January 20
  • One-year anniversary of Vern dying. The time-skip lands sometime right before this. (The Heap)
  • Lester is tracked down at Glacier National Park in Montana, where he is chased by border patrol onto a frozen lake. In an attempt to flee across a lake, Lester falls through the ice and drowns.(Morton's Fork)

2010 (Season 3)

Thursday, December 2 Nathan Burgle's Birthday. Maurice LeFey kills Ennis Stussy mistaking him for Emmit Stussy after being blackmailed by Ray Stussy to retrieve a valuable stamp.
Friday, December 24 Ray Stussy accidentally killed by Emmit Stussy. Prison Bus Crash orchestrated by Yuri Gurka, Meemo and Gollem. Gollem beheaded by Nikki Swango and Wes Wrench. Yuri Gurka has ear chopped off by Wes Wrench and subsequently bleeds to death.
Saturday, December 25 Sy Feltz put into Coma by V.M. Varga.

To be added.


March Emmit Stussy confesses to killing Ray but is still released due to V.M. Varga and Meemo framing someone else. Meemo and Narwhal soldiers killed by Wes Wrench in shootout. Nikki Swango kills and is killed by State Trooper when preparing to kill Emmit. Emmit escapes and moves in with his wife.


September Emmit Stussy killed by Wes Wrench
Friday, December 2 Gloria Burgle confronts V.M. Varga, now living in Belgium, and he is either incarcerated or released (unknown).