The Lucky Penny
Vital statistics
Type Strip club
Location Bemidji, Minnesota
Owner(s) Wink Jourdain
First seen The Crocodile's Dilemma

The Lucky Penny is a strip club and brothel owned by Wink Jourdain in Bemidji, Minnesota. Paprika works at the establishment. It is frequented by numerous Bemidji residents, including Sam Hess and Lenny Potts.

In early 2006, Lorne Malvo visited the Lucky Penny to murder Sam Hess. Sam Hess was in a back room of the establishment having sex with Paprika. Malvo fatally stabbed Hess in the back of the neck. The police were soon called and Bemidji police officers, including chief Vern Thurman, Molly Solverson and Bill Oswalt, appeared on the scene. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)

The Fargo hitmen Numbers and Wrench visited the Lucky Penny whilst trying to find Sam Hess's killer. They talked to the owner and Paprika, before kidnapping Lenny Potts, as he matched the killer's description. (The Rooster Prince)


The Lucky Penny appeared in the Fargo episodes:

Behind the scenes

The Lucky Penny scenes were filmed at the Border Crossing Pub in Calgary, Alberta.