Tahir El Kachief
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Goat herder (formerly)


Bill Oswalt - Foster parent



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The Heap

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Tahir El Kachief is a Sudanese refugee and the foster son of Bill and Sally Oswalt.


Tahir El Kachief was a goatherd from a village in Sudan.

In 2006, a man arrived and killed everyone in his village, but Tahir survived. After three days of walking, a group of Americans put him on a plane and brought him to the United States with intentions of being adopted by the Oswalts. At an airport in the United States, another refugee stole Tahir's luggage including his legal papers regarding his citizenship and adoption. A woman gave him a coat and money for a bus fare.

He took the bus into a city in Minnesota, but did not eat for four days due to being broke. He arrived at Phoenix Farms, and proceeded to steal food from there every day for three months. Coincidentally, Bill Oswalt and his wife Sally were heading to a ballet show in the city, and stopped at Phoenix Farms on the way to pick up Chex Mix for Sally. Bill found Tahir at the store and took him in as a foster son.

One week later, Bill took Tahir to the Bemidji Police station and introduced him to Deputy Molly Solverson. Tahir told Molly about how he came to America, and the hardships he had to endure before running into Bill. (The Heap)

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Behind the scenes

  • Tahir El Kachief was portrayed by Barkhad Abdirahman.