Sue Roundtree
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The Crocodile's Dilemma


Michelle Thrush

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Sue Roundtree is a hospital worker at the hospital in Bemidji, Minnesota. She was working at the hospital during early 2006.


When Lester Nygaard visited the Bemidji hospital in January 2006, Sue called him to bring him to the doctor's office. As Lester continues to stall in order to talk to Lorne Malvo, she got increasingly frustrated and threatened to give his spot away, to which Lester finally walked away from Lorne.

She is again working at the hospital when Molly Solverson brought in a beaten Moe Hess. Molly stopped at her desk to ask if there had been any head injuries reported recently. Sue said that there was one but the man did not have the identification required to treat him. She also tells her she heard the man and Lester talking about Sam Hess, giving Molly a strong lead for her case.


Sue Roundtree appeared in the Fargo episode The Crocodile's Dilemma.

Behind the scenes

Sue Roundtree was portrayed by the actress Michelle Thrush.

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