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The Minnesota State Trooper was an unknown police officer who was murdered by Gaear Grimsrud outside Brainerd, Minnesota in 1987.

Early life

Nothing is known about the State Trooper prior to 1987.


On a Thursday morning in January 1987, the state trooper pulls over a 1987 tan-colored Ciera driving with dealer plates outside Brainerd, Minnesota at 1:18 AM. After writing the car's information down in his citation book, he proceeded to walk towards the car and shined his flashlight around the interior. He asked asked the driver, Carl Showalter, if the Ciera was a new car, to which Showalter confirmed, jokingly stating how it still had that smell. The trooper told Showalter that he forgot to display the vehicle's temporary tags and asks to see his license and vehicle registration. Showalter tells him that he has the tags and was intending to put them on, but that he forgot to put them on. He then handed the trooper his wallet to show him his driver license, along with a $50 bill hanging out as an intended bribe, while agreeing he was in full compliance. When the trooper asked Showalter what he was looking at, Showalter only said that he wanted to take care of the situation right now. However, the trooper simply returns Showalter's wallet and orders him to step out of the car. Suddenly, the trooper heard moans coming from a kidnapped Jean Lundegaard, who was being held hostage in the back seat. However, before the trooper could do any further investigation, Gaear Grimsrud, the passenger, slammed his head into the steering wheel, retrieved a gun from the glove box, and fatally shot him in the head.

Shortly afterwards, Showalter attempted to dispose of his body in the ditch, but was seen by a passing car. As Grimsrud chased down the passing car and killed both its driver and passenger, Showalter dragged the trooper's body a few feet off the road into field and took shelter in the trooper's patrol car until Grimsrud returned.

Hours later, his body, along the the bodies of the two witnesses, were discovered and reported to the Brainerd Police. Officer Gary Olson calls Police Chief Marge Gunderson at her home to report to the scene for an investigation.


  • The State Trooper is the first character to die in the film.