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Stan Grossman was a business partner of Wade Gustafson and oversaw most of the details of their many different ventures. He lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the late 80's.

Early Life

Not much is known about Stan other than that he has worked with Wade for some time making them close and has most likely known Wade's son in law, Jerry Lundegaard, as long as Wade has.


In January of 1987 he was brought a land deal by Jerry Lundegaard to invest in, a deal which would help Jerry cover up his embezzlement from Gustafson Motors. However Wade and Stan decided to cut Jerry out and give him a small finders fee.

Days later after Jean Lundegaard, Wade's daughter, was kidnapped, Stan advised Wade to go along with Jerry's plan to pay the ransom. When Jerry informed them of the $1,000,000 ransom, Stan advised that Wade deliver the money personally as he was more reliable to make the exchange than Jerry. Little did he know that Jerry was the orchestrator of the kidnapping and had only promised to split $80,000 with his henchmen. Ultimately this decision led to Wade being killed and Carl Showalter taking all the money.


Following the death of Wade, the incarceration of Jerry and Wade's only heir, Scotty Lundegaard, being a minor it is presumable that Stan now solely runs the business.

Season 3

The Principle of Restricted Choice His name is mentioned by Emmit Stussy during a conversation with Sy Feltz about the possibility of building condos at a lot they own. This indicates that he is still alive and living in Minnesota in 2010, also that he is still involved in the real estate business.

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