Sam Hess
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Hess family
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Gina Hess - Wife
Mickey Hess - Son
Moe Hess - Son






January 19, 2006




Stabbed in the head by Lorne Malvo

First seen:

The Crocodile's Dilemma

Last seen:

The Crocodile's Dilemma


Kevin O'Grady

Sam Hess Gallery

Sam Hess was the former owner of Hess & Sons Truck Driving Company in Bemidji, Minnesota and had a connection to the mob in Fargo, North Dakota.

Early Life

Sam attended high school with Lester Nygaard, Pearl Nygaard, and Bill Oswalt in Bemidji, Minnesota. He frequently bullied Lester, calling him "Lester Nigger" and once put him in an oil drum and rolled him onto the highway.

According to Sam, Pearl gave Sam a handjob in homecoming senior year. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)

Later, he met his wife, Gina, in Las Vegas and returned her to live with him in Bemidji. (A Muddy Road) He was voted Bemidji businessman of the year in both 1996 and 1998. (The Crocodile's Dilemma)

Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

On January 19, 2006, Sam, along with his two sons Mickey and Moe, approach Lester Nygaard in downtown Bemidji. Sam taunts Lester by making fun of his last name and bringing up the time he had relations with Lester's wife, Pearl. He tells his two sons about the time he put Lester in an oil drum and rolled him into the highway. As Lester tries to flee, Sam chases him down and pretends to punch him, causing Lester to flinch and throw himself into a window.

Later, Sam is visited by Lorne Malvo at his workplace to get a good look at him. He restrains himself from beating Lorne with a tire iron after he calls Moe dim. That night, Sam visits The Lucky Penny and has sex with one of the girls, where Lorne tracks him down and throws a knife into the back of his head, killing him.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • Sam Hess is the first character to be killed onscreen.

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