Richard Armbruster
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Zoning commissioner


Kansas City Mafia






Shot by the Gerhardt syndicate

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The Gift of the Magi

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The Gift of the Magi


Jeff Clarke

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"Any man can fire a gun. The longbow is an art."
―Richard Armbruster[src]

Richard Armbruster is a minor character in Fargo Season 2.


Early life

Nothing is known about Richard prior to 1979 other than at some point he became affiliated with the Kansas City Mafia, who used his abilities as a zoning commissioner to their advantage.

Cooperation with the syndicate

Richard is brought on a hunting trip with Joe Bulo as well as other members of the syndicate. Joe mocks Richard for bringing a long bow on the trip, to which he replies that the long bow is "an art." He watches from a distance as Joe and Mike Milligan discuss something in private. Richard later asks what they were talking about, Joe says it was just some "housekeeping." Afterwards, they begin their hunt.

While hunting, he and Joe discuss the rise of big business crime syndicates overtaking the small-time criminal organizations, which he likes the sound of. He reassures Joe that in his position he can influence other politicians on both the state and local level in their favor. Richard spots a deer and lines up his shot. But before he can follow through, he is shot in the head by the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate who have ambushed the hunting party (The Gift of the Magi).

Episode appearances

Season 2


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