Patty Knicklebocker
Vital statistics

Ted Knicklebocker - Ex-Husband
Roger - Boyfriend



First seen:

A Muddy Road


Anna Sundberg

Patty Knicklebocker Gallery

Patty Knicklebocker is a character in Season 1.

Early life

To be added.

Season 1

A Muddy Road

Anna meets up with Molly Solverson at a restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota to catch up with her old high school friend. She had lived in Saint Paul since high school and divorced her husband, Ted, after he was caught sleeping with his physical therapist. She then took up online dating where she met Roger. They started dating in July 2005. While the two were on vacation in Acapulo, Mexico, Roger got bitten by a spider which laid eggs in his neck, and later they hatched and a bunch of little spiders spilled out of his neck.

Episode appearances

Season 1


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