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Before the Law

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Fear and Trembling


Matt Cooke

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Ollie Stein is a minor character in Fargo Season 2.


Early life

Ollie routinely recieved collection money from Rye Gerhardt, and possibly the other brothers as well. (Waiting for Dutch)

Gerhardt muscle

Ollie is first seen being instructed by Floyd Gerhardt to deliver a bag to one of their Chinese syndicate members. (Before the Law)

Later when Lou Solverson and Ben Schmidt first visit the Gerhardts, Ollie asks the two to hand over their weapons. Ben quickly gives him his, however Lou resists. He tells Lou he will not be allowed to enter with a gun. Lou enters anyway after Floyd recognizes Ben and lets them pass. Ollie watches the meeting between Lou and the Gerhardts go on, and in the end is ordered to escort the two policemen off then property. (The Myth of Sisyphus)

Ollie, along with Duke, is instructed to bring a crippled Otto Gerhardt to a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, the two of them along with the nurse escort Otto out to the car. Ollie notices someone parked right next to their car, preventing them from getting in through the driver's side. He has Duke go around the passenger side to start the car while he watches Otto. He notices a black car slowly roll up, and gets ready to defend Otto, only to see it is a false alarm. Danger still lurks as they are ambushed by Gale and Wayne Kitchen. He tells the nurse to take Otto inside, but she runs off. With no one left to help, Ollie is shot in the back of the head by Wayne. (Fear and Trembling)

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Season 2


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