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Mr. Mohra is a bartender at at Ecklund & Swedlin's near Moose Lake in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Early life

Nothing is known about Mr. Mohra's life prior to 1987. He lives in Brainerd with his wife, Mrs. Mohra.


On a Tuesday night in February 1987, Mr. Mohra meets Carl Showalter while he is working at Ecklund & Swedlin's. While drinking at the bar, Showalter asks Mohra where he can find some "action" since he's "going crazy" at a nearby lake. Confused, Mohra asks Showalter what kind of action he's referring to which Showalter responds that he's looking for a prostitute. Mohra tells him can't arrange that despite Showalter's constant pleas that he's going crazy at the lake. Showalter starts calling Mohra names and threatens him by stating that the last guy who upset him was dead and not from old age. Mohra ignores Showalter's threats believing it to just be drunken rambles. However, after speaking with his wife about the incident, she tells him to call the police since the costumer could be connected to the homicide a week previous, of which they were both aware of.

A few days later, Gary Olson arrives at Mohra's house while he's sweeping melted snow off his driveway. Mohra tells Olson about the incident, but cleans up the story by replacing Showalter's name calling with the word "jerk". Olson asks Mohra if Showalter was referring to White Bear Lake, but Mohra believes it to be Moose Lake since its the closet to the bar. Mohra also gives Olson a description of Showalter, describing him as a "little guy" and "kinda funny looking" in a "general kinda way". Olson thanks Mohra for the tip as the two exchange some small talk about a blizzard expected the following day.