Mr. Jergen
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Thrown out a window by Lorne Malvo

First seen:

Buridan's Ass

Last seen:

Who Shaves the Barber?


Andy King

Mr. Jergen Gallery

Mr. Jergen was a member of the Fargo Mob.

Early Life

At some point, Mr. Jergen became a member of the Fargo Mob. He was apparently also involved in the shipping of Russian mail-order brides, as he describes an incident in which an associate fell in love with one. At another point, he helped pull an arrow out of his cousin when a man named Craig began laughing, so he threatened the man with a knife.

Season 1

"Buridan's Ass"

He attended a meeting of the Fargo Mob at a Chinese restaurant. He suggested that Sam Hess's murder was extramarital, rather than business related.

"Who Shaves the Barber?"

When Lorne Malvo storms the Fargo Mob headquarters, Mr. Jergen attempts to stop him, only to be shot and thrown out a window to his death.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • Judging by his accent and his Dutch surname, which may indicate Boer heritage, it is most likely that Jergen is South African.

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