Mickey Hess
Vital statistics



Hess family


Sam Hess - Father
Gina Hess - Mother
Moe Hess - Brother







First seen:

The Crocodile's Dilemma


Atticus Dean Mitchell

Mickey Hess Gallery

Mickey Hess is the son of Sam Hess.

Early Life

To be added.

Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

Mickey is first seen with his brother Moe walking down with the sidewalk with Sam Hess, his father. They approach Lester Nygaard where Sam harasses him. Mickey and Moe both repeat short bits of what he says. They are later seen goofing off at their company's warehouse when Lorne Malvo arrives looking for Sam. Mickey, being the older brother, talks Lorne down as Sam arrives. When Lorne insults Moe, Mickey encourages his father to hit Lorne. The day after Sam is killed, he is seen with Moe and his mother Gina discussing the sitation with their lawyer, Max Gold. He gets a phone call from Lorne (posing as the attorney for fhe Hess family) and tells him all of his father's savings are going to his brother. Furious, he takes Moe out to the backyard and attempts to beat him to death with a hockey stick, which Molly Solverson stops.

"A Muddy Road"

Mickey and Moe are both seen shooting crossbows into the "for sale" sign in their front yard. When Lester arrives to deliver files, they taunt him, asking him if he wants to sleep with Gina. Later when Mickey sees Gina flirting with Lester, he loses concentration and accidentally shoots Moe in the backside with his crossbow.

Episode Guide

Season 1


To be added.

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