Lenny Potts
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January 22, 2006




Dropped into an ice hole

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The Rooster Prince

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The Rooster Prince


Paul Braunstein

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Lenny Potts was a local to Bemidji and a regular at the strip club The Lucky Penny. He was kidnapped and later assassinated by the Fargo hitmen Numbers and Wrench, due to his similar appearance to their target Lorne Malvo.


In early 2006, Lenny was having a drink at The Lucky Penny. He was approached by Numbers and Wrench, who believed he was Lorne Malvo due to his appearance, demeanor and his head injury. He threatened to hurt them if they try anything, showing him his knife in his coat, but Numbers and Wrench knocked him unconscious.

Potts was put in the trunk of a car and driven to Hess & Sons Transport, so that Max Gold could identify if he was Lorne Malvo. However, Gold said that he is the wrong guy. Regardless, Lenny was later taken out to a frozen lake by Numbers and Wrench and dropped in an ice hole with handcuffs while he is still alive and conscious. His last words are "No!". (The Rooster Prince)

After Lenny's death, he is listed as a missing person by Bemidji police. (Who Shaves the Barber?)

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