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Stabbed in the head by Dodd Gerhardt

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Fear and Trembling (Flashback)

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Fear and Trembling (Flashback)


Kai Lennox

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Kellerman is a minor character in Season 2.


Kellerman became a major player in the Fargo, North Dakota underworld by the late 1940s. He was an associate and rival of Dieter Gerhardt, leader of the most powerful gang in the region: the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate.

Season 2

In 1950, Kellerman's rival Dieter Gerhardt retired, passing the reins to his son Otto. Kellerman did not have the same respect for the son as he did for the father, and considered himself to now be the most powerful mobster in Fargo. To assert his dominance over Otto, he brutally murdered Dieter in 1951, shooting him in the head 19 times.

"Fear and Trembling"

Not long afterwards, Kellerman attends a screening of Moonbase Freedom, starring Ronald Reagan. Otto shows up with his young son, Dodd, ostensibly to ask for a seat at the table. Kellerman taunts Otto about his father and tells him that there's no table and that everyone else "sits on the floor." Before Kellerman can give the order to have Otto killed, Dodd, who managed to sneak behind him, stabs him in the back of the head, killing him.

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