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Vital statistics





Stabbed in the head by Dodd Gerhardt

First seen:

Fear and Trembling (Flashback)

Last seen:

Fear and Trembling (Flashback)


Kai Lennox

Kellerman Gallery

Kellerman is a recurring character in Season 2.


Early life

At some point in 1951, Kellerman successfully carried out the assassination of Deiter Gerhardt, who at the time was the recently-retired boss of the Gerhardt Crime Syndicate.

Otto's revenge

Kellerman waits for Deiter's son, Otto, at a movie theater where one of Reagan's (fictional) films Moonbase Freedom is playing. Inside, the two of them talk, and Kellerman accuses Otto of coming here to avenge Deiter. He tells Otto he has rightfully claimed power, and everyone else "sits on the floor" as one of Kellerman's henchmen puts a gun to Otto's head. Before he can give the order, Otto's son Dodd puts a knife through the back of his head, killing him. (Fear and Trembling)

Episode appearances

Season 2


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