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Jerome "Jerry" Lundegaard is the former Executive Sales Manager at Gustafson Motors from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Jerry married Jean Gustafson and the two had a son named Scotty. He is a fan of the Minnesota Gophers ice hockey team and was an avid golfer, proudly displaying several trophies and attire around his office. He was also a member of the Kiwanis Club and wore the organization's pin on his suit. Sometime during the 1980s, Wade hired Jerry as the Executive Sales Manager at Gustafson Motors in Minneapolis.

In December 1986, Jerry scammed GMAC by receiving a $320,000 loan for several new vehicles that did not exist by submitting order forms with the VINs unreadable. At the same time, he was also trying to pitch a deal to Wade about a forty-acre lot for sale in Wayzata, Minnesota as another alternate way to get money. Later, GMAC asked Jerry to resubmit the forms in proper print. Afraid to get caught with fraud, and to receive more money, Jerry contacted his co-worker Shep Proudfoot to vouch for a hired criminal to kidnap and ransom Jean. In the meantime, Jerry ignored all of GMAC's phone calls.


In late January 1987, Jerry stole a new Cutlass Cirea from the dealership and towed it to Fargo, North Dakota. At 8:30 PM, Jerry met with Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud at King of Clubs to discuss his ransom plan with them due to Proudfoot not being very clear about the job. TBA


Jerry is cunning and manipulative, although he expresses as being incompetent and somewhat dimwitted. He is also very selfish, willing to get his wife kidnapped for the required amount of money to pay off GMAC, and letting Wade get killed by not going to the meet for his wife/money by himself.

He also has a kind and empathetic side to him, as evident from his call to Carl, as he wanted the kidnapping to go over smoothly and not evolve into a "no-rough-stuff type deal." He also loves his son, as he went to comfort him after the latter heard of his mother getting kidnapped.

Murders committed

Connected to Jerry

  • Jean Lundegaard - Kidnapped by Gaear and Carl on Jerry's orders and then killed by Gaear.




  • "Okay, real good then."
  • "The heck ya mean?"
  • "I'm cooperatin' here!"
  • "Darn tootin'."

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