Jackie Bagley is a graphic designer for both season of the TV series Fargo. Her credits include most of the memorable hero Props, Graphics and exterior sets for both seasons. Most notably she's known for designing Season 2's Waffle Hut Signs on the building and the Highway, the Waffle Hut syrup, Bud's Meats storefront, signage and interior graphics, the Dazzle Beauty Salon exterior upper facade and signage and interior posters, as well as many of the Fargo street shops, and a long list of Hero Props. Season 1 list of graphics includes the Funyuns Chip Bag, Stavros' King Sign and desk books, Lester's Insurance company's exterior graphics and interior dressing and props, Billy Bob's Police Scanner Product, Lou's Diner Billboard, the Pet Food product bags, the German food products, and many more. Season 2 includes the Waffle Hut exterior and signs with maple syrup bottles, the exterior street shops of Luverne Minnesota, Bud's Meats and Dazzle Beauty Salon.

List of graphic design contribution Season One

Scrunyuns Bag + Posters', King Sign,  Stained Glass Window - Stavros, German Food Products, Martin Freeman's Character : Les is More + Leave it to Lester Posters and Buttons, brochures, exterior + interior Signage,  Book Covers - Stavros,  Pet Food,  Police Scanner Boxes (Blue & Pink) purchased by Billy Bob Thornton's Character,  Bo Munk Posters/Brochures, Lou's Diner Billboard

List of graphic design contribution Season Two

Waffle Hut exterior / Signs and interior maple syrup + Judge's bug spray, Bud's Meats (Ed's shop) : logo, signs, storefont design and dressing, Dazzle Beauty Salon (Peggy's shop) : logo, sign area on storefront, interior paper dressing, Luvern Minnesota street shops : exteriors, Peggy's magazines, Int. Peggy + Ed's grocery store scene including shelf products.