Irving Blumkin
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Stussy Parking Lots (client)


December 2010




Thrown of a parking garage by Meemo and Yuri Gurka

First seen:

The Principle of Restricted Choice

Last seen:

The Principle of Restricted Choice


Hardee Lineham

Irv Blumkin Gallery

Irving Blumkin is a minor character in Fargo Season 3. He is a lawyer who serves as an investigator for Emmit Stussy.


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Season 3

In December 2010, Emmit hires Blumkin to investigate V.M. Varga. Blumkin does an internet search on Varga, and clicks a fake download link which infects his computer with a virus, causing a picture of him to be sent to Varga. He then meets Yuri Gurka at one of Emmit's elevated parking garages, who with the help of Meemo throws him off the garage, causing him to fall to his death.

Episode appearances

Season 3

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