Helena Milos
Vital statistics

Milos family


Stavros Milos - Husband
Dmitri Milos - Son
King - Pet



First seen:

The Rooster Prince


Allegra Fulton

Helena Milos Gallery

Helena Milos is the wife of Stavros Milos.

Early Life

To be added.

Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

Helena is first seen at her house training with Don Chumph. When Lorne Malvo arrives posing as her attorney to discuss the divorce, she insisits on suing him for increasingly larger amount of money. She tells Lorne she does not believe Stavros' money came from his uncles, thinking it is crime-related. Dmitri comes home and tries to comfort Helena, but insisits that he is not a good man.

"Eating the Blame"

Helena is seen in a flashback to 1987 driving down a highway with Stavros and a toddler Dmitri. Helena scolds Stavros for running out of gas and being a complete failure, and Stavros exits the car to think. After a truck passes them without stopping, she wonders who wouldn't stop for a family car with a baby.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


To be added.

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