Greta Grimly
Joey king
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Grimly family


Gus Grimly - Father
(Unnamed) - Mother
Molly Solverson - Step-mother
(Unnamed) - Brother
Lou Solverson - Step-grandfather
Hank Larsson - Step-great-grandfather


12 (The Rooster Prince)
13 (The Heap)





First seen:

The Rooster Prince


Joey King

Greta Grimly Gallery

Greta Grimly is the daughter of Gus Grimly.

Early Life

To be added.

Season 1

"The Crocodile's Dilemma"

Greta does not appear in the episode, however she is heard over the radio talking to her dad, giving her updated on the Vikings game while he is on highway patrol. When Gus goes to pull over Lorne Malvo, Greta continues to try to talk to Gus, which gives Lorne an oppurtinity to get his way out of a ticket by using her as levarage.

"The Rooster Prince"

Greta Grimly is first seen at home talking with a friend over the walkie-talkie as Gus comes home from work. At dinner, she talks about a school assembly about self-defense against bullies. Greta didn't really buy into it, saying that going to someone for help isn't always an option. She says if there was someone doing something wrong, she would have stopped him herself.

"A Muddy Road"

Greta sits with Gus at his desk doing homework while he goes through criminal records looking for Lorne. He is hesitant to make to call to Bemidji to tell him he let Lorne go, Greta suggests he tell them in person. They go over to the Bemidji PD. There, Greta asks Gus for some money for the vending machine, but Molly Solverson gives her tokens that they use for them. She along with Gus are invited to dinner by Molly. There, Gus says that Molly seems nice, to which Greta gives him an "are you kidding me?" kind of look. When Molly arrives, she asks Greta if she has a boyfriend, which she doesn't.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


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