The Gerhardt Crime Syndicate is a crime organization operating out of Fargo, North Dakota. The family are a tight- knit and efficient organisation which has dominated the criminal underworld of North Dakota for decades through the strong leadership of Otto Gerhardt. It is one of the main groups of Season 2.


The Gerhardt Crime Syndicate was founded in the 1930's by the German immigrant Deiter Gerhardt who used a shoe-shining business as a front for distributing alcohol during the prohibition era. Deiter later expanded the business into a trucking empire which further helped hide the true criminal nature of the business. Deiter was assassinated in 1951 and succeeded by his son, Otto. The Gerhardt's steadily expanded over the next few years and enjoyed almost undisputed power amongst the criminal underworld until 1979 when Otto suffered a debilitating stroke which prompted the Kansas City Mafia to initiate a gang war over control of the Gerhardt's territory. Despite initially managing to hold out against Kansas City, they suffered a fatal blow through the betrayal of Hanzee Dent which resulted in the Gerhart's eventual extinction.


Murders Committed


  • It is unknown if Elron Gerhardt was involved in the crime syndicate with the rest of his family, as he was killed in the Korean War before the story takes place.