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Gaear Grimsrud
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Gaear Grimsrud is a incarcerated criminal from Fargo, North Dakota.

Early life

Little to nothing is known about Grimsrud's life prior to 1987 except that he was acquainted to Shep Proudfoot and had never been to Minneapolis, Minnesota.


In January 1987, Gaear Grimsrud was contacted by Shep Proudfoot about Jerry Lundegaard, a car salesman who was looking for a couple of shady characters to kidnap his wife in exchange for forty thousand dollars and a new Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. Accompanied by Carl Showalter, an associate of him, Grimsrud met with Lundegaard at the King of Clubs in Fargo, North Dakota and accepted the job.

The following morning the duo departed from Fargo to Minneapolis. After a minor argument about where to eat they decide to stop for the night. Grimsrud and Showalter stopped at the Blue Ox outside of Brainerd, Minnesota. Grimsrud and Showalter shared a room and invited over two escort girls for sex.

Upon arriving in Minneapolis the next day, Showalter became upset with Grimsrud over smoking in the car and not sharing in conversation. Later the two arrived at Lundegaard's house Grimsrud breaks in through the front door. He is bitten by Jean Lundegaard and raids the bathroom cabinet for something to medicate the wound with. While medicating he discovers her hiding in the shower behind the curtain. After she flees the bathroom and falls down the stairs he and Showalter tie her up and place her in the backseat of the Ciera.

On the way to their cabin hideout they are stopped by a state trooper because Showalter neglected to place tags on the back window. After Showalter unsuccessfully attempts to bribe him, Grimsrud shoots the trooper. He then chases a couple who witnessed the trooper being moved off the road by Showalter. He shoots them in the snow and the duo drives the rest of the way to their cabin without an incident.

At the cabin Grimsrud watches Jean while Showalter attempts to fix the cabin's television. He spends his time in the cabin watching a soap opera. At some point after Showalter had left to collect the ransom money Jean begins to shriek. Grimsrud, becoming annoyed with her screaming kills her and returns to his soap opera.

After Showalter returns with the ransom, Grimsrud takes his half of the $80K. After Showalter tells him he's going to take the car Grimsrud tells him to split it by one of them paying the other one half of money for it. Showalter storms out threatening Grimsrud with a gun and threatening Shep Proudfoot's. Grimsrud, either out of greed or anger kills Showalter with an axe outside.

Grimsrud begins to dispose of Showalter in a woodchipper covering the ground around him in gore. He is caught by police chief Marge Gunderson while feeding the last of Showalter into the machine. He hurls a log at Gunderson and flees the scene getting shot in the leg in the process. He is arrested by Marge and sits silently in her car while she attempts to discuss his crimes. His current whereabouts after are unknown.

Murders Committed


  • Grimsrud is a man of few words, saying only 80 words throughout the course of the film.
  • Grimsrud's choice of cigarette is Marlboro according to Hooker # 2.
  • The Coen brothers did not know how to work a wood chipper when they wrote the iconic scene. They asked Stormare to force Showalter's foot into the wood chipper with his hand. Stormare corrected them.
  • Stormare also proposed he throw firewood at Marge which ended up in the final cut of the movie.
  • Stormare was often sick on set from all the smoking he had to do in character.
  • After filming the "cop killing scene" Stormare and Buscemi (who played Showalter) were pulled over in real life. Buscemi was able to talk them out of a ticket.
  • Peter Stormare was originally supposed to be in another earlier Coen Brothers movie Miller's Crossing though it didn't work out.
  • Stormare and Buscemi later appeared in the Coen's next film, The Big Lebowski.
  • Gaear watches Bruce Campbell on the cabin's television.
  • Peter Stormare said Gaear Grimsrud is like something from The Twilight Zone.


  • "Where is pancakes house?"
  • "You'll take care of it? You're a smooth smoothie, ya know?"

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