Elron Gerhardt
Vital statistics

Gerhardt family


Otto Gerhardt - Father
Floyd Gerhardt - Mother
Dodd Gerhardt - Brother
Bear Gerhardt - Brother
Rye Gerhardt - Brother
Deiter Gerhardt - Grandfather
Simone Gerhardt - Niece
Charlie Gerhardt - Nephew


ca. 1950 - 1953




Shot in the head by a Korean sniper

First seen:

Rhinoceros (photo)

Last seen:

Palindrome (photo)



Elron Gerhardt Gallery

Elron Gerhardt was a member of the Gerhardt family. He was the eldest son of Otto and Floyd Gerhardt. He served in the Korean War and was killed by an enemy sniper.


Elron was born to Otto and Floyd Gerhardt, their first child. (Fear and Trembling)

One winter, the Gerhardt family went down to Bear Lake and took a photograph there. Whilst everyone else was in coats, Elron wore only a T-shirt. (Rhinoceros)

Elron served in Korean War. He was killed by an enemy sniper. Floyd later recalled that the sniper "took off half his head". (Fear and Trembling) Soldiers returned with Elron's body, when his father was in Chicago and his younger brother Bear was ten years old. (Rhinoceros)

Episode appearances

Season 2

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