Dodd Gerhardt
Vital statistics

Gerhardt family


Otto Gerhardt - Father
Floyd Gerhardt - Mother
Elron Gerhardt - Brother
Bear Gerhardt - Brother
Rye Gerhardt - Brother
Deiter Gerhardt - Grandfather
(Unnamed) - Wife
Simone Gerhardt - Daughter
(Unnamed) - Daughter
(Unnamed) - Daughter
(Unnamed) - Daughter
Charlie Gerhardt - Nephew




October 31, 1939


March 23, 1979




Shot in the head by Hanzee Dent

First seen:

Waiting for Dutch

Last seen:



Jeffery Donovan
Victor Hawryluk (flashback)

Dodd Gerhardt Gallery

Dodd Gerhardt is a character in Season 2.

Early Life

Dodd grew up to a life of crime in the Gerhardt family. Under his father, Otto, he helped preform at least 1 assassination in a movie theater.


Dodd is quite a big man , he also seem to be muscular. he often wears a a flat cap and he has quite distinctive sideburns. His brown leather jacket is also part of his appearance


Dodd is the oldest living Gerhardt Brother, after the stroke that paralyzes his father Otto, he believes he should become head of the family. Dodd seems to be most hot-headed member of the family. In his eyes, violence is always the best way to sort things out, and unlike the rest of the family, he always has been in favor of war. He's also quite a patriarch, as he doesn't think that women should have a word in the hard, violent business. He also thinks that his mother, Floyd, is too soft to run the family business and he doesn't share the modern views of his daughter, Simone. Nevertheless, he seems to genuinely care about his family, and he is the first to kill anyone who stands in their way.

Season 2

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Episode Appearances

Season 2

Murders Committed


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