Dmitri Milos
Vital statistics

Supermarket employee


Phoenix Farms


Stavros Milos - Father
Helena Milos - Mother
King - Pet


January 2006




Died in a car wreck

First seen:

The Rooster Prince

Last seen:

Buridan's Ass


Gordon S. Miller

Dmitri Milos Gallery

Dmitri Milos is the son of supermarket king Stavros Milos. He has a habit of barging in and telling really cheesy jokes.

Early Life

To be added.

Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

Dmitri is first seen when he barges into Stavros' office to tell a corny joke. He is quickly dismissed. He is later seen at the Milos residence, where Lorne Malvo tells him another corny joke in return. He comforts his mother Helena, telling her everything will be alright.

"Eating the Blame"

Dmitri walks into Stavros' office once again to talk to his father. Stavros scolds him for interrupting him, and he starts crying. Suddenly, a cricket lands on Stavros' desk. Dmitri urges him not to kill it, but he does anyway. Screams are heard outside, and they both investigate. They find the entire supermarket filled with crickets.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


To be added.

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