Dieter Gerhardt
Vital statistics

Schützen (formerly)
Crime boss (formerly)


Gerhardt family
Gerhardt Crime Syndicate
German Infantry (formerly)


Otto Gerhardt - Son
Floyd Gerhardt - Daughter-in-law
Elron Gerhardt - Grandson
Dodd Gerhardt - Grandson
Bear Gerhardt - Grandson
Rye Gerhardt - Grandson
Charlie Gerhardt - Great-grandson
Simone Gerhardt - Great-granddaughter






Shot in the head 19 times

First seen:

Waiting for Dutch

Last seen:

Waiting for Dutch



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Dieter Gerhardt was the founder of the Gerhardt crime syndicate and the Gerhardt family. After serving in the German army in WWI, he moved to America and founded the Gerhardt business. After building up a successful trucking empire, Dieter was assassinated by Kellerman in 1951.


Dieter fought for the German army in World War I as an artillery Schützen. He fought in the trenches in France, where he attacked the Allied forces with mustard gas. He was captured by British soldiers during a raid and was hung by his thumbs for six days straight. (Before the Law)

After the war, Dieter left the Wiemar Republic, moving to America and starting the family business in 1931. (Waiting for Dutch) He started selling alcohol in the prohibition, before developing a trucking empire. (The Myth of Sisyphus) Floyd Gerhardt later said that Dieter started the family crime syndicate from a shoe-shine box. (Before the Law)

In 1950, his son Otto succeeded him as head of the family syndicate. (Waiting for Dutch) In 1951, Dieter was assassinated by Kellerman, (Fear and Trembling) having been shot in the head nineteen times. (The Myth of Sisyphus)

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