Denise Campisi
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Waffle Hut


March 17, 1979




Shot to death by Rye Gerhardt

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Waiting for Dutch

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Waiting for Dutch


Lara Zaluski

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Denise Campisi is a minor character in Fargo Season 2. She is one of the three victims of the Waffle Hut Triple Homicide.


Waffle Hut Triple Homicide

Denise welcomes Rye Gerhardt as he enters the diner, which scares him a little. After he sits down, she hands him a menu and tells him the specials for the day, however he only asks for coffee. After a while, she asks him if he wants sugar in his coffee. Again, he acts jumpy, so she just sets the sugar on the table and walks away. As Rye is waiting for people to leave the diner, Denise is seen ringing people up for their meals. She is later called over by Irma Mundt to get her a new burger, as the one she got was apparently bad. After witnessing the murders of Mundt and Henry Blanton, she screams and drops her coffee pot. Rye sees her and shoots her. While Rye is busy emptying out the cash register, she sneaks out of the building and tries limping to safety. Rye however sees that she has made a break for it, runs outside after her, and shoots her in the head. Later when the crime scene is found and reported by an unnamed trucker, the man put his coat over her because he felt "it was only right." (Waiting for Dutch)

Episode appearances

Season 2


  • Her last name is revealed in Episode 9 in the book "The History of True Crime in the Midwest", under an illustration of her corpse.

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