Blue Ox
Vital statistics
Type Motel
Truck stop
Location Brainerd, Minnesota
Owner(s) Otto
First seen Fargo

Blue Ox is a truck stop motel located off I-35 outside of Brainerd, Minnesota. It is named after Paul Bunyan's legendary pet, Babe the Blue Ox.


  • Otto (owner)

Known customers


Carl Showalter knew of the motel as a place to meet hookers and possibly stayed there prior to 1987.

On a Tuesday night in late January 1987, Carl and Gaear Grimsrud checked into the Blue Ox while en route to Minneapolis, Minnesota. After having sex with two hookers, the four watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Around 3 AM Wednesday morning, one of the criminals called Shep Proudfoot from a payphone in the lobby.

Behind the scenes

  • In the film, Marge inaccurately states that the Blue Ox is located outside of Brainerd off I-35. In reality, I-35 runs north and south between Duluth and Minneapolis, about 80 miles east of Brainerd.
  • The Blue Ox is a fictional motel. It was filmed at Stockman's Truck Stop in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.