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Ben Schmidt
Vital statistics

Foot soldier (formerly)
Detective (formerly)


United States Infantry (formerly)
Fargo Police Department (formerly)
Duluth Police Department


Maude Schmidt - Mother



First seen:

The Rooster Prince


Peter Breitmayer (Season 1)
Keir O'Donnell (Season 2)

Ben Schmidt Gallery

Ben Schmidt is a member of the Duluth Police Department, and the commanding officer of Gus Grimly.

Early life

Ben served in the U.S. Infantry during the Vietnam War, and was stationed outside Đà Nẵng, Vietnam.

Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

To be added.

"A Muddy Road"

To be added.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 2


"Kind of a prick" remarked Lou Solverson in regards to Schmidt upon hearing that he was Gus Grimley's superior.

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