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Matthew Sudsbury, better known as his pseudonym Barton Brixby, is the author and narrator of The History of True Crime in the Mid West.


Early life

Matthew was born on the Isle of Wight, England. At some point he moved to Mankato, Minnesota so he could come to better understand the region. There, he currently lives with his wife Lenore.

Writing career

Over the course of his career so far, Matthew (under the pseudonym Barton Brixby) has been the author of a total of six books. Two of which include Smoking Joe: Biography of a Gunslinger and Bare Knuckle: Famous Bar Fights of the Old West.

His main work of note of course is The History of True Crime in the Mid West, which details true crime events that are featured all throughout the series. At one point he provided a narration for the fourteenth chapter of the book, which focused on the events of the second season. (The Castle)

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