McKenzie plays the role of "Young Man" a librarian and used car salesmen in Fargo Episodes "Crocodiles Dilemma" (1.01) and "Morton's Fork" (1.10).

The Young Man first appears in Bo Munks Insurance with his pregnant wife (Amanda Friesen) where Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) tries to sell the young couple life insurance. After Nygaard flubs the sale the young couple leave in a hurry.

We meet the Young Man again a year later when Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), is looking to buy a used vehicle with which to tail Lester Nygaard home.  He settles on a car which resembles an unmarked police car, asking the salesman if the two can take it for a test drive.  The Young Man is soon shown to have been taken as a prisoner and forcibly enlisted in Malvo's plan distract and murder agents Pepper and Budge outside of Lester's house.  The Young Man is last seen pleading for his life while sitting in the driver seat of the car.  His fate is never revealed.

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