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Season 3 - first episode!

So now that the first episode of Season 3 has aired, what is everyone's opinion? Does Ewan McGregor nail it at the Stussy brothers or what?
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Film vs Series

So what is everyone's take on which is better: the original film, or the FX television series? Does the series capture the iconic nature of the Coen Brothers' classic film, or does the series grow beyond the film is ways only a television series can?
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Policy on smaller articles

Wow, thanks TDA15. Always happy when someone deletes my work in the blink of an eye. Nice to meet you too.
The reason given ("Mentioned characters (with a few exceptions) don't get pages") is ambiguous and unclear. Who is to say what the "few exceptions" should be? I have struggled to find any Fargo Wiki policy or manual of style that dictates the distinction between the acceptable and unacceptable mentioned characters.
Surely the page deletion should be the democratic decision of wiki community, not the impulse of one admin? Next time I would appreciate a notice on the page's talk page so that the matter of deletion can be discussed.
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Orange bag with Lester's bloody (blood of his wife) clothes.

Just wondering what happened with this bag. These bloody clothes is 100% reliable proof of Lester's guiltiness.
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